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Effectiveness of neural mobilization and low level laser therapy for patients with cervical radiculopathy

K. R. Vishnu priya 1*, A. Kumaresan 2


Background: The aim of the study is to analyze the effectiveness of neural mobilization and low level laser therapy for patients with cervical radiculopathy taking pain, neck range of motion and neck disability as outcome measures in patients with cervical radiculopathy.
Methodology: A total of 30 patients were selected and pre test values were measured by using as outcome measures and neural mobilization and laser therapy were given for 3 weeks and 5 days per week and the evaluator blinding was done. Numerical pain rating scale (NPRS), Neck disability index (NDI) are used as outcome measures. The collected data was tabulated & analyzed using descriptive & inferential statistics. To all parameters mean & standard deviation (SD) were used. Paired t-test was used to analyze significant changes between pre-test and post-test measurements.
Results: The P values of Numerical Pain Rating Scale and Neck Disability Index are less than 0.001 and high statistical significant differencemseen when compared within the group differences.
Conclusion: This study showed that there is beneficial effect in reducing pain and improving functional ability of the patients with cervical radiculopathy with a combined treatment of neural mobilization and low level laser therapy.


Cervical Radiculopathy; Neural Mobilization; Low Level Laser Therapy; Numerical Pain Rating Scale; Neck Disability Index

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